Talent Link's CEO's Inspiration: Jack Ma
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Talent Link’s CEO’s Inspiration: Jack Ma

Talent Link’s CEO’s Inspiration: Jack Ma

Persistence is one of the most significant qualities that separates hard-working individuals from those that do not try. It is a quality that shapes people into successful individuals and becoming somebody who never gives up. Giving up does not run in your DNA, which is why persistence ends up being a lifestyle and qualitative choice. Our CEO at Talent Link appreciates and is inspired by Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma. “I have been following and reading a lot about Jack Ma, he is the founder of Alibaba and one of the greatest fortunes in the world, he always talks about persistence and the importance of always fighting and learning,” says Enrique Blaya Abellan of Talent Link.


According to Entreprneur.com in an article about Jack Ma’s seven most significant ways to push through failures the writer talks about ways in which Jack Ma has done this. One of the failures written is “Stayed optimistic after being turned down for 30 jobs. After graduating from college, he applied to 30 different jobs and was subsequently rejected by all of them. He even applied to be a police officer. But they didn’t even give him the time of day, rejecting him with three simple words: “You’re no good.” Fortunately, just like his favorite movie hero, Forrest Gump, Ma kept on running. “Today is cruel. Tomorrow is crueler. And the day after tomorrow is beautiful.” Another failure that was overcome is, “Didn’t give up after failing many exams at school. ‘I failed a key primary school test two times, I failed the middle school test three times, I failed the college entrance exam two times…’ Ouch. These are things most of us are lucky enough to have never said to our parents. But surprisingly, Ma’s not alone. There’s a tradition of other great minds, including Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Abraham Lincoln (along with Forrest Gump) struggled early in life with academics but going on to do great things.”


“The greatest lesson we can all learn from Jack Ma is that he never quit. Despite failing numerous times, he kept getting back up. Believing in our abilities is the first step towards getting your dreams. Ma never doubted himself, and he persisted. Persist until you make it, that’s our motto at Talent Link,” says Enrique Blaya Abellan of Talent Link.


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