Talent Link Discusses The Phenomenal Jamie Vardy
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Talent Link Discusses The Phenomenal Jamie Vardy

Talent Link Discusses The Phenomenal Jamie Vardy

Rags to riches — Some people in this world just end up working so hard that they make it after some time. Our CEO at Talent Link, Enrique Blaya Abellan, appreciates the English league footballer, Jamie Vardy. His story is one that we hear often but not a lot. It is the story of him going from nothing to reaching the top and becoming one of the most elite footballers. His athletic competence and his abilities have made him work hard for what he loves and is passionate about. His ability to reach high and push harder than any athlete has brought him to the top. Most often people think success happens overnight. That is not the case; success will only start showing years after hard work has been put in.


“Jamie Vardy became top scorer last year after a career full of obstacles and difficulties. His story is a great one about overcoming challenges and how persistence pushes you to achieve your goals. He makes others realize how to overcome the negatives and rejections and achieve the objectives. He had a very complicated childhood, regardless of his background, his sporting career is a great example, going from the seventh division to the first division in 5 years and becoming the top scorer and champion. His current organization in Leicester City became a great surprise for the whole world to see, as a humble crew came to be as the best organization in his league in just two years thanks to players like him,” says Enrique Blaya Abellan of Talent Link.


Like anything else in professional settings, hard work is necessary. Talent Link believes that we all come from different backgrounds, stories, and hardships but none of these should ever stop you from reaching the top if you want something. You should use it as your motivation. Being a person that holds themselves true to their actions is the best type of motivation. Vardy is an example of that. Regardless of anything he has faced and any rejection he has come through, he has become well known for his ability to push and get through it. This story is like others, but in recent times, many athletes or sportsmen come from affluent backgrounds and the advantage of professional training in their earlier years, but for Jamie, it’s hard work, diligence, and persistence — these are what we believe in at Talent Link.




Photo by Serkan Göktay from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/sea-sky-beach-sand-94953/
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