Talent Link Inc. | Marketing Methods | Direct Marketing
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Marketing Methods


Talent Link Inc.’s direct marketing F2F approach is one of the most effective tools, many companies rely on advertising to create their campaigns, we believe that advertising is the best method to get known and to create a brand, but not for customer acquisition and customer loyalty.


At Talent Link Inc. we continue to believe that people respond better to people, and that no advertisement can create the same effect on a person as another person, that’s why our main method of recruitment and loyalty is always going to be the FACE-to-FACE deal with consumers, in order to empathize with people and ensure complete satisfaction, that’s why our communication will always be a FACE-to-FACE deal not only with consumers, but also with our customers.


Why choose direct marketing?

Marketing and FACE-to-FACE campaigns offer a return on investment for our customers much higher than any advertising means. Our results are traceable and measurable. It is very difficult to calculate the profitability and recovery of an advertising campaign, and to calculate how many customers are acquiring the services due to an advertising campaign, but it is very easy to calculate the progression, development, and profitability of the FACE-to-FACE campaigns and be able to measure our results to demonstrate our clients the effectiveness and why should they work with us.


At Talent Link Inc., marketing FACE-to-FACE is just one part of the great variety of solutions we provide to our customers. As we have said before, our goal is to satisfy the great diversity of needs of all our clients so we proceed to give a complete advice, and a wide variety of solutions packages.